South Platte(Denver) River Report

South Platte (Denver) River Report

Current Streamflow : 149 cfs 

Updated: 4/8/2022

Usually when people think of fly fishing, they think of fishing on a remote, secluded lake, and in Colorado, that often means in the mountains. However, Colorado also has plenty of spots for some urban fly fishing. Just a short drive from Angles Sports in Longmont, Urban fly fishing spots like the South Platte River in Denver is a great place for accessible, easier fly fishing. The stretch of the South Platte River that runs through the heart of the Mile High City offers a great selection of trout, bass, carp, catfish, and even crawfish. The water levels are still rising in the South Platte, but water clarity and visibility is at a high - so fish and their burrows should be easier to spot. As the spring weather continues to increase in temperature, more and more fish will adventure from their winter burrows in search of a meal, making these hungry fish a perfect target for any fly fisher. The upper stretches of river contain mostly trout, while the stretches of river closer to the city contain a wider range of fish to catch. Looking for some guidance on what flies to bring to maximize your chances of catching a fish? Stop by our fly store in Longmont, and ask a fly fishing professional to help you out.

Ready to go fly fishing? If you need equipment or lessons to get started, come visit us Angles Sports store in Longmont.

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