Zoom Dynafit Beast Carbon AT Boot

Dynafit Beast Carbon AT Boot

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The Beast Carbon Free Touring boot is the dream of all freeriders who prefer to earn their fun in the powder similar to the saying, "Earn your turns." The Precision Lock System guarantees precise power transmission and maximum rigidity in how it allows all boot components to work together as one unit. You get uncompromising skiing. At the same time, the ergonomic shape and the boot's lightness makes for singular performance on the ascent. The so-called "snow-dynamic" concept with its streamlined buckles and elimination of lateral protrusions ensures little speed loss as well as minimal points of resistance and thus maximum penetration. The carbon fiber material in the upper and shell lends additional rigidity to the Beast Carbon touring boot. In addition, the Master Step Insert enables easier entry by 50% as well as maximum mechanical loads with freeride bindings set to a release value (Z value) of 16. 

  • Brand = Dynafit
  • Sport Size = 29.5
  • Model = Beast Carbon

Item Number: 1650-23

Item ID: 10511

Category: AT Boot

Vendor: Dynafit

Dynafit Beast Carbon AT Boot

$639.99 Regular price $889.95


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