Getting Started With Fly Fishing

Getting Started With Fly Fishing

Picture this: it’s a warm summer evening in Colorado - birds are chirping, a soft breeze blows through the trees, and the sun is setting, creating a beautiful pastel above the mountains. In the middle of it all is you, standing in a river, waders on. Your fly rod swings back and forth as you search for the next trout to fall victim to your flawless technique. The fish are biting - life is good.

But how do you get there? Starting a new sport, hobby, or leisure activity can seem daunting at first, but when it comes to all things fly fishing, Angles Sports in Longmont has you covered. 

Fly Fishing Classes

The perfect way to start fly fishing is to learn from the best. Angles Longmont Fly Shop offers both full day and half day introductory classes. Take either the four or eight hour guided class, where you’ll learn about a variety of rods, reels and knots -  which is crucial knowledge for any fly fishing skill level. Additionally, hands-on practice is a great way to learn, which is why the full day class will have prospective fly fishers meet at the St. Vrain Creek to learn physical skills such as casting techniques, and mental skills like how to read a river. 

Classes like these are great options for beginners who are eager to learn and dip their toes in the water, both metaphorically and literally. If you’re interested in something a little different, Angles also offers an entomology class, where you can learn about aquatic bugs and other elements of a Trout’s diet. This is aimed at getting fishers as prepared as possible when it comes to selecting flies - an important aspect of fly fishing. 

Guided Fly Fishing Trips

So now you’ve got the knowledge, and you’re ready to apply it. Getting out there to actually fish can often be the hardest step - which is why there’s no better way to start than with a guided fishing trip. Angles offers a multitude of guided trips with lengths ranging from four to eight hours where an experienced guide can show you the ropes. These guided trips include rod, wheel, flies, waders, and boots, so you can get straight to doing what you love. Located in Longmont, just 20 minutes from Boulder, Angles offers these guided trips for a plethora of local waters. If you’re interested in more in depth front range fishing, Angels has you covered too - with guided fishing trips in Rocky Mountain National Park. Rocky Mountain National Park is 260 thousand acres of beautiful landscape, with the option to fish at well known spots, as well as make the trek to some of the most beautiful fishing locations in Colorado.

Now, if you’re reading this as a seasoned fly fishing veteran, you might be thinking that these trips are only for beginners. However, these trips can be beneficial for all skill levels, and even the best fly fishers might learn a thing or two. These guided trips are also a great way to integrate families, as there are options for up to three guests per trip. Even if you have a large party, like a family reunion or corporate retreat, Angles can accommodate that upon request. A guided trip like this could be a great way to get family members, friends, or coworkers involved in your passion, and with a guide, these trips are sure to be memorable. 

Go Fish

So, whether you’re new to fly fishing, looking to bring some friends along on a trip, trying to find an escape from the Denver city life, or anything in between and outside, Angles Sports can get you ready for that pastel sunset amongst the mountains - so what are you waiting for? Go fish!


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