Ski and Snowboard Tune Ups




Full Tune + base grind (not usually recommended)
includes minor base repair, base grind, edge sharpening, & hand wax


Full Tune
includes minor base repair, edge sharpening & hand wax


Quick Tune
includes edge sharpening & hand wax


Hand Wax




Base Grind $20

Skin Glue Removal

 $20 and up

Summer/Storage Ski Tune


Extensive edge repair/replacement

 $100 and up

Extensive base repair

 Case by case



Alpine Binding Mount

on skis without bindings, add $15 to remove bindings

 $55 or $70

Alpine Mount with Purchase
of Ski OR Binding from Angles Sports


Alpine Mount with Purchases
of Ski AND Binding from Angles


Binding Adjustment and test


Remove Binding/Plug Hole


Hand Mount Add On when no Jig is available
(not always available) 


Snowboard Mount


Snowboard Mount with Purchase
of New Board OR New Binding from Angles


Snowboard Mount with Purchase
of New Board AND New Binding from Angles


Splitboard Mount


Split board Mount with Purchase
of Board OR Binding from Angles


Split board Mount with Purchase
of Board AND Binding from Angles


AT Binding Mount


AT Binding Mount

With purchase of new binding or ski from Angles


AT Binding Mount

with the purchase of new skis and new bindings


Cross Country binding Mount



Heli coil

 $15 for 1st hole,         $5 per hole after

Binding Freedom

 $120 per pair

Skin Trim


Skin Trim
w/ Skin purchase from Angles


Ski Shop Hourly

 $70 to $120

Boot Repair

 $ - Quote

Ski Shop Parts

 $ - Quote


Details you might enjoy knowing……..


About us:  We started Angles Sports in 2015 as a tune shop, after selling our ski and board shop in Steamboat and moving to Longmont.  We quickly grew into a full-fledged ski and board shop but we have not lost our roots, which is high quality hand tunes by passionate, shred loving folks.  We have the quickest turn around on the front range/Boulder and stive to offer a 48 to 72 hour turn time.


Certifications:  All of our professional shop technicians are certified to work on Marker, Tyrolia, Salomon, Dynafit, G3, Black Diamond, and other binding brands, in addition to being certified by Vermont Calibrator for binding torque testing. 


Waxing:  Our go to wax is BAF, which is manufactured in Cedaredge, CO and used by many ski schools around the USA.  We also offer many SWIX and One Ball waxes, but they are only used when requested.   All the waxes we use are non toxic, as opposed to many of the dangerous popular waxes that pollute our universe in both the manufacturing process, and in the watershed that they enter when the snow melts. 


Binding Mounts:  We mount most AT/Backcountry, Alpine, Cross Country, Snowboard, and tele bindings.  We are also proud to say that we mount Binding Freedom, which allows you to switch your alpine, and AT ski bindings between skis, like a snowboard binding. 


Base Repair:  Our philosophy with base repair is to add material, not remove it and in-turn your skis will not be run over a grinder when not absolutely necessary.  This will extend the life of your skis exponentially.  Most shops run everything through a grinder regardless of the need, to save time……NOT US…ever. 


Edging:  We do use the help of a machine for edging in most cases, unless hand edging is requested, but it is a machine that is gentle, and controlled by hand pressure as opposed to a mechanically operated edger that removes lots of metal regardless of how bad the edge is.  We can offer you any bevel degree, but our default is 1 degree side and 1 degree edge. 


Q: What is your turn-around time for ski and board tunes and shop work? How will I know when they are done?

A: Turnaround time varies depending on what work needs to be done and how busy our shop is. As a general rule of thumb we aim to keep everything within 48 to 72 hours. Work will be completed by the agreed upon return time, or you will be contacted via text or voice if things are ready early. 


Q: What if my ski is badly damaged?

A: If its worth repairing, we will repair it.  If it’s not, we will tell you and explain why.  In some instances, we may need to do some work to determine if it is worth repairing, in those cases you will be charged shop time for the assessment.  If it is worth repairing in our opinion, we will always give you an estimate before we start the work.

Q: Do you offer different temperature waxes?

A: Of course, and we are also happy to apply most waxes (we will not apply some of the highly toxic waxes) you bring in.  We usually use BAF and one of their 2 most popular temperature waxes, but also carry One Ball, Swix, and many others.   

  Q: Do I need an appointment for ski tune shop work?

A: No, you can drop off your skis/boards any time during our business hours and we’ll get them checked in for you.

Q: Do you mount all bindings?

A: No, we only mount bindings that we are certified for, which is most of the bindings on the market.

Q: Do adjust or mount old bindings?

A: We will mount any binding that we are certified for and are still indemnified.  With age and use, bindings become unsafe and we strictly adhere to the bindings manufactures “indemnified binding” list which is published yearly, and list the bindings they consider safe.  If you binding is not on the current list, we will not be able to service, test, or mount them. 

Q: Will you tune a ski with a non-indemnified binding?

A: Sure, we would be happy to.  Just don’t ask us to touch the binding, or deem it as safe, because we can’t, and it is not safe. 

Q: What can I do if my binding is not indemnified (AKA unsafe)?

A: Unfortunately, your only option is to replace the binding, if possible, with a newer, safer, indemnified binding. 


A: Totally, you just need to buy your gear from us. 

Updated 02/15/22 for the 22/23 season





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