Zoom One Ball Bio-Green Base Cleaner

One Ball Bio-Green Base Cleaner

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Our Bio-Green Snowboard Base Cleaner is our own high concentrated blend of citrus oils. This eco-friendly base cleaner removes wax and dirt fast and safe. Clean and scape board first. It's best to remove as much wax as possible with a nylon or brass brush prior to using base cleaner to avoid using more base cleaner than you need to.

Use: Apply a small amount (around a tablespoon per base) of ONE MFG Base Cleaner to a clean rag or paper towel and wipe your base to remove dirt or other material such as sap that might have mixed with your wax. Allow to soak for a few minutes. Dispose of soiled rag or paper towel in outside garbage.

Sizes: 8oz

One Ball Bio-Green Base Cleaner

$13.99 Regular price $20.00


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